The 5 Most Difficult Situations Homeowners Face When Selling a House in Atlanta

It can be overwhelming selling a house in Atlanta, especially if you don’t have the experience for it. In Atlanta, there are a few extra things that make it even more difficult. It could be that the markets are a little bit slower where you are, or you have a property that doesn’t fit the norms of the area. There are a lot of different challenges that you might run into when trying to sell a house in Atlanta. So we’re going to go over the five most difficult situations that you might face. We’re also going to give you a few tips in order to get through these challenges much more easily. 

Slow Market

One of the toughest situations that you might face while selling your house is a slow market. More sellers than buyers means that there’s not as much demand for your home. This means you might have to lower the price of your home just to get it sold. If you’re trying to sell your house quickly, this can be even more frustrating when you’re trying to find a buyer. Nothing’s worse than having something to sell, and no one to sell it to. 

If you want to get through a slow market, you should either work with a real estate agent who has experience selling properties in Atlanta, or get in touch with a professional buyer who will buy your home directly. A professional real estate agent will know how to market your property to potential buyers and may even have a network of contacts who were looking for properties like yours. You also may want to consider upgrading the home like fixing the kitchen or making any vital repairs. Do keep in mind that these repairs will eat into your profits and with a direct sale, you can just sell your house as is. 

Unique Properties

Another difficulty that you may face when selling a house is having a property that’s more unique than the ones around it. Whether it’s a home with historical value, a property that’s got a large amount of land around it, or a home that does different architecture than normal, this can add more difficulties to selling a house. Some buyers may want a home like this, but many buyers realize that that will also cause the price to go up. 

In order to get past this, hiring a professional home stature to showcase the unique features of the property is a good idea. At Christian Buys Houses, we also pay cash for houses, regardless of the shape or location of the home. 

Homes That Need Repairs

Any house that has structural issues or that requires repairs has to be fixed before selling through an agent. Real estate agents aren’t going to try to sell your home if it’s in bad condition. In fact, in many cases it may be illegal to try to sell a home without full disclosure of the repairs that it needs. This can run you thousands of dollars depending on if it just needs minor renovation or severe repairs.  

If you’re going to list your home, you have to make the necessary repairs before putting it on the market. This is costly, but it’s vital to attract buyers. Not to mention, you may even want to put a home warranty for potential buyers so that way any future repairs will be covered by you as well. This can be a lot of money that you’re losing, and here at Christian Buys Houses we’ll will buy your house even if it needs severe repairs.  Selling a house doesn’t have to be tough!

Title Issues or Liens

If you owe a lot of money on your home, or there’s a lien on the house, you’re looking at even more issues.Unpaid taxes, mortgage liens, judgment liens, foreclosures. There’s a lot of reasons that you might owe extra money on your house. This can make it even tougher to sell a property, because the buyers are responsible for paying it off, not the seller. This makes selling a house even tougher.

Working with a real estate attorney who can help resolve these is ideal. Homeowners who are selling their home may also want to lower the price to compensate for the additional costs. Resolving liens or title issues can be pricey. Luckily, we here at Christian Buys Houses will help you with the lean or title issues if we buy your house for cash. It’s just another thing that we take off your plate. 

Flood Zones and Water Damage

If your property is in a flood zone, then you have a whole other set of issues. Many buyers are going to be hesitant to purchase any property that’s in a flood zone or has been flooded before. Many homes that were damaged in floods years ago also are going to have considerably lower asking prices. 

In Atlanta, if you want to get around selling in a flood zone, you’ll want to talk to a real estate agent who has experienced specifically with flood zones. You may also want to consider improving your house with things to mitigate the risk of flooding. Things like flood vents, emergency pumps and repairing the foundation of the home will prevent flooding from damaging it. On the plus side, if you sell directly to a home buying company, these aren’t issues that you’ll need to concern yourself with. 

Trying to sell a house in Atlanta is a difficult process. If you’re facing even one of the situations that we talked about above, you’re looking at a lot more hassle just to sell your home. If you take the right approach at things, homeowners can overcome these challenges and sell their property with success. Whichever you pick, whether it’s talking to a real estate agent, making repairs or just selling the house directly to someone like us, you’ve got a few strategies. When you’re ready to sell your home, get in contact with us at (770) 695-7368 or go to our website. Even if you don’t sell your house directly to us, we’ll help you with the sale.

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