Can I Sell My Metro Atlanta House Without An Agent?

The answer? Absolutely! We can get your house in Metro Atlanta sold without involving any sort of middleman.

We occasionally work with brokers, but often times there’s no need for a middleman, or someone else getting into your profits.

In Georgia, you can look at your broker or agent taking up to 5-6% of the end deal. When it comes to selling houses, that’s a lot of money coming out of your pocket and into theirs! Why deal with a broker when we pay cash directly to you?

So, How Do I Sell Without An Agent?

Luckily, there are some ways to totally avoid the high commissions entirely. One of the biggest things to note is that half of the commission you pay goes to the buyer’s broker – not even your own! There’s a few things to make sure of, knowing this information.

So, here’s how to take advantage of that.

The first things you should do is to make sure you’re factoring in the commissions when looking at similar sales. If the homes near yours sold for prices that also included the commissions, keep that in mind for your final sale price.

Don’t undersell your house, either! Buyers are going to be looking for discounts just the same. You can use this to your advantage, too, simply because a lot of house buyers in Metro Atlanta will want to save on paying their agent.

The the buyer doesn’t have an agent, not only are you saving on those commissions that would come out of the final sale, the buyer may not even remember to negotiate any commissions at all. That’s not a problem that you have to deal with on your side, so let them bring it up instead of reminding them.

You can also offer the agents of buyers a small amount of the commission to have the buyer themselves come to your house. The trick here is setting aside around 2.5% of it for the commission, which is enough to get an agent’s attention.

The reason this is so helpful is simple – if a buyer doesn’t have an agent, that’s 2.5% of wiggle room you can use as negotiation. Even if you lower the price of the house 1.5%, you’re still up 1% than if they had an agent; for most houses, that’s a few thousand dollars of wiggle room!

Keep in mind, more than 90% of all transactions happen through the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS. It’s a massive database that brokers in Metro Atlanta use to get information about houses, condos, properties, literally anything involving the buying and selling houses in that area. It’s the main go-to for people in the Real Estate business.

In the past, you once had to pay a full commission just to get your house into this database. Fortunately for home sellers now, it’s just a small fee to have it listed, and then once the sale goes through you pay the commission in the same way you would pay a realtor.

This is one of the best ways to get your house noticed by potential buyers nowadays – things like newspaper ads will get you nearly no responses at all. Why pay the same amount for a tiny square in a newspaper?

The MLS has other benefits, too. When you post your house for sale there, many other sites such as Zillow will likely add you to their site as well. Everyone’s looking to be the one to sell your house! The main question is which one is going to be taking the most of the cash you get for your Metro Atlanta house.

These sites also offer ads and paid ways to push your house to the top of the listings. That’s also how those sites make their money – plenty of people will pay a few hundred dollars to get their house at the top of the sales list. That’s also why it’s way easier to have us buy your house directly. You’ll be saving on your headaches, too.

In short, advertising is a roll of the dice. It’s a complete gamble whether or not your ads will hit the right person, or will end up bouncing off of hundreds of potential house buyers. They’re not at all guaranteed to succeed, so don’t put all your eggs in one basket there.

How Can I Market My Home Effectively?

Cheaper options like fliers and signs around the neighborhood can generate a little bit of attention, but more than likely you’re not going to get any serious buyers by doing this. There are also a handful of free websites that you can use to advertise your home. Social media sites like Facebook also have a marketplace that you can advertise real estate on.

The reason that so many larger real estate agents are able to charge such large commissions, is because they theoretically have many more people to advertise your house towards. They’re able to reach a wider audience, and therefore able to ask for a larger piece of your home’s sale.

If you’re unlucky, your house might take thousands of dollars in advertisement to be able to sell.

Don’t Want To Deal With All That? Then Sell To Us!

We pay fair prices for properties, and we pay much faster than real estate agents

If you’re looking to sell your Metro Atlanta house, talking to us is going to save you a lot of headache and heartache down the road. The best part is we buy houses as is. That will save you a ton on any repairs or anything else that might have to be done on your house.

Put simply, we buy your house for cash and make things easy for you.

If you want to get in contact with us, please call us at 770-695-7368 here, or click this link to fill out our form.

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