How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent in Metro Atlanta

Finding yourself a real estate agent in the Atlanta area can be frustrating. So what are the steps that you can take to find a good real estate agent?

The largest real estate brokers will spend thousands of dollars every month to make sure they’re the most visible. It might be online in the yellow pages or billboards, but they’re going to pay so that you see them first.

The only problem is a lot of these agents focus more on people who are looking to invest into properties, rather than people who are just trying to sell their home quickly. More often than not, these big name real estate agents aren’t going to help you when it comes to speed. 

If you can’t wait the three to six months it might take to sell your home, we can help by buying your house from you. That’s just the average, too, as many homes take longer than that to sell. We can make you an all cash offer within 24 hours on your Atlanta home, in whatever condition your house is in.

The Best Ways to Find a Good Real Estate Agent in the Market City

Get real reviews.

Online reviews are easily manipulated, and many real estate agents will pay people to give positive reviews. It’s easy to put a few false reviews on a website and make it look legitimate. Finding honest reviews of any agent that you’re considering working with is extremely important, and a reputable agent will be happy to show you some of their past clients and what they did. 

If you want to properly check out a real estate agent, look for reviews on Google Review, Yelp or other review sites that are not owned or manipulated by the real estate agent. If all that you see are positive reviews on their own website, but one in 2 star reviews on outside websites, you know that review might not be honest. 

Make sure you’re asking the right questions of your real estate agent.

This is a list of questions that you should ask the agent or their former clients. How they answer these questions will help you gauge whether or not they’re a good real estate agent for you.

  • At any point did the home buyer feel uncomfortable in the process?
  • How much did the home cost? 
  • How much were they asking for the home originally? 
  • What other locations or properties have you worked with in the market city? 
  • What about properties that are the same size as my house nearby? 

Picking a real estate agent who has experience in your location and working with homes like yours is vital. 

Always make sure your real estate agent is licensed.

Your state has a real estate authority that you can check in with to make sure your agent has their license. While you’re on that website, you can also look into any complaints that have happened against the agent, or any regulatory actions that were taken against the agent. 

It’s also important to find out how long they’ve been buying and selling homes.If they’re with an agency, find out how long they’ve been with the agency and how effective they’ve been since they joined. 

The most important part of choosing a real estate agent is finding one that you can trust. Regular communication will be important as your house is usually the majority of your work. When talking to a trusted real estate agent in Atlanta, there are a few questions that you can ask:

  • How often are inquiries made about my home? How many have been made about my home?
  • Are most of these inquiries people just looking, or people who want to actually make a purchase? 
  • Are there other homes near me for sale, and what is the price of those homes? 

Find out how your real estate agent plans to sell your home.

Directly asking your real estate can be the best option sometimes. If you’re looking to sell your house in the local market city, finding out how they intend to sell your house is a good option. Find out what their marketing plan is and how they intend to use it. If they can’t give you a good answer or answer you’re satisfied with, it might be a good idea to look elsewhere. 

This Is Where Low Priced Isn’t Always The Best

Occasionally sellers in market city just want to go with the lowest priced option.

Always look at the numbers about how much a real estate agent is going to earn on the sale of your home. Real estate agents are not cheap, and you’re likely going to be paying fees and a portion of the home sale. However, getting a real estate agent who is significantly cheaper or who has flat rates can hurt you in the long run. 

Some of the more expensive real estate agents in the Atlanta area have really good marketing systems, and they’ll sell your house quickly and for a better price. Getting a cheaper real estate agent might mean that your house is on the market for longer, causing you more and more every month that it doesn’t sell. 

Local investors are also willing to buy your house. Sometimes, the high priced offer isn’t the best option, because your house may not sell for that amount, leaving you with a house that you can’t get off the market. Going with someone who will sell your house quickly for slightly less can be a better idea in the long term, simply because being able to sell the house is going to prevent all of the fees down the road. 

It’s important to ask these questions to avoid real estate agents who won’t be able to help you like they should. Real estate agents who are new to the business may not have the skills to sell your house, or they may leave money on the table in their desperation to get that first sale. 

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