Getting Divorced, And Need To Sell The House?

If you need to know about how to sell your home during a divorce, this article will outline the steps to help you. Selling your home in the Metro Atlanta area can be easy with these steps, even if you’re going through a difficult time.

With roughly half of all American marriages ending up in a divorce, many residents of Atlanta are looking for information on how to sell their house.

A joint asset like this can’t be split apart without liquidation, unless there’s some sort of agreement between the partners of the marriage. There are multiple factors to think about when facing a divorce in the real estate market, especially a market that hasn’t recovered from a housing bubble burst.

Will I Be Selling My House During My Divorce?

Many divorce cases see one of the spouses keeping possession of the house. This usually occurs when the remaining spouse pays their ex-partner their share of the house’s worth.

There are also cases where one spouse keeps the home for an allotted amount of time, agreed upon by both parties. After this amount of time, the house is sold. This typically occurs when there are children under the age of 18 in the house, and the house is sold once they are old enough to leave.

Who Can Help Me?

Even in the best of times, selling a house can be difficult.

During a divorce, this becomes an even more difficult thing to accomplish. It could be simply because you don’t have a lot of time to sell your home. It could be because your spouse disagrees on the cost of the home, or it could simply be that you’re already overwhelmed with all the other paperwork you have to take care of during a divorce. Working with a real estate professional during this time can make it much easier on you.

If you need to quickly sell your Metro Atlanta house, getting in contact with us can be your best option. Selling a house quickly for cash to make the rest of the proceedings easy, or selling us your house in order to give your spouse their half of the house’s worth can make the whole process finish quickly and easily. Unlike some firms, we buy your house ourselves.

If you’ve got the time to hire a real estate agent and wait for them to list and sell your house, that is a good option. Keep in mind that at houses, on average, take three to nine months to sell. If you can’t wait that long, getting in contact with us to sell your house for cash is a much better option.

Get A Timeline, Stay On It

One of the mostimportant things you can do is make sure that you stay on time when it comes to selling your house.

Put your house for sale early, even before you finalize any divorce proceeding. When you find a buyer, make sure that you set closing dates, moving times and coordinating which of the spouses will be handling the sale or talking to your real estate agent. Make sure these are all in writing. You might want to add clauses stating what penalties will happen if these dates and deadlines are missed.

This will give you the smoothest and easiest sale of your house.

What If I Need To Sell Immediately?

Many couples who are divorcing have turned to faster home buyers in these times. Home purchasers like ourselves can take some of the load off of your divorce.

Our process gives you cash directly for your house, and can sometimes take as few as seven days. If everything in a divorce proceeding only took seven days, it would be much less painful.

Figuring out how to sell your home in Metro Atlanta doesn’t have to be anywhere near as difficult as the divorce itself.

You can jointly sell the house for cash, each take half and prevent having to pay more lawyer fees and real estate fees for the same result. This will help both parties leave the table stress free and give them a little bit of breathing room during these tough proceedings.

Get in contact with us at (770) 695-7368, or click here to go to [our website]. There’s no reason not to take this off your plate. We’ll even it inspect your house and let you know exactly how much you can get for it quickly.

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