The State of the Market for Buyers in Metro Atlanta Georgia

Is Atlanta still a buyer’s market today? We get this question often by people who are wondering about buying or selling a home in the Atlanta area.

Unfortunately, it’s not just a simple yes or no. 

The Market for Buyers in Atlanta.

The property type and location are the two main factors in how much your home is going to be worth. 

If they’re in a good location, single family homes will sell very quickly. In some areas, you’ll have a lot of demand, but in other areas you might not have anyone looking at all. 

  1. Buyers look for the same thing. 

Whether it’s easy transportation, shopping schools, or a good neighborhood, people are going to be looking for similar benefits to buying a house in a certain location. Depending on what is near the home you’re trying to sell is what sort of buyers you’re going to get. If you live near a good school zone, you’re likely going to be looking for families with more than one child. If you live near a university or a large college, you’re more than likely going to get people wanting to rent rooms or to buy the house to rent out. 

  1. Town homes and condos will be priced differently. 

Places that are off the beaten path, or that don’t have a great central location, aren’t going to be priced as well. Selling a town home or a condo can be more difficult if it’s in an undesirable location. However, just because they’re not selling doesn’t mean that people still aren’t renting them regularly. The rental market is revitalizing a lot of these smaller places. 

  1. People are looking for an investment.

Many investors, both from inside the country and from foreign countries, have been flooding money into the Atlanta real estate market. Investing in real estate can be a lucrative thing to do if you’ve got the funds to do it. That’s why investment properties are so in demand right now. People want to purchase homes in the Atlanta location so they can fix them up and turn a profit. Many of them are even just renting them out. 

There are even a lot of sellers who are trying speculative prices. But investors who are looking at a lot of different prospects will simply walk away from a deal that doesn’t work out. 

  1. The biggest major obstacle for buyers is financing.

Banks are extremely strict when it comes to buying and selling homes, especially loans. Many approved buyers will have their loans canceled before closing escrow. Some banks may require more money down or change their terms just before everything is finished. The banks are going to try to get whatever the best deal for them is, and they’re more than happy to cancel yours if a better one comes along. 

If this sounds confusing to you, you’re not alone. We can help you out.

The US economy is tumultuous right now, and markets are moving up and down. 

We invest in the Atlanta because we believe in the people here and we want to support its community. 

If you need to sell a Atlanta property, we can help you with that. 

We buy properties quickly, and we will help you sell yours. 

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